June 22nd - Moving out of the House

Today we moved out of our house of 7 years. It was a great home, near the kids' schools, close to Alexa's work, quiet neighborhood, waterfront. Really, a dream home. But we're ready for the next dream. To live on a boat and eventually cruise the world. There are so many places to see, people to meet and cultures to understand. While Gig Harbor has been an amazing place to raise a family, we need to show the kids that there is more to life than school, work, chores, repeat.

But the transition is kind of goofy. First we will live on our 36 ft Albin Express trawler, our handy Happy Place for the past 7 years, while we finalize the purchase of a 46' Nordhavn named Ocean (previously Discovery). All of our belongings that we didn't get rid of are going into storage while we learn to live in a 2 berth, 1 head boat for a few weeks. Hopefully this will help us appreciate the size of the Nordhavn, once we have it.

To make matters more interesting, one of the bribery items to get the kids to agree to this, was a new kitten. We will be picking up our new Ragdoll this week - hopefully training him to use a toilet instead of a litterbox.

After the transition we will put our Happy Place on the market. We will miss her! Stay Tuned!


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