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As Seen in Mexico

A few weeks ago while driving back to the marina, I looked out the window and saw a full sized horse being transported in the back of an old truck. Not a trailer, not a large converted truck. He was just standing in the back of a regular run down truck.  After I fretted about the horse for a moment, I then giggled and sighed, "Oh, Mexico".  Over the past two years we've been in Mexico, we've run across a lot of things that you may not see where we come from. Below are photos of things 'as seen in Mexico'. Some of them make you laugh or smile, others make you cringe and some just make you go hmmm... Oh, Mexico... I'm sure the wires are all up to code. Open wires....everywhere. Time for an upgrade Using what you've got! Assembling a crocodile trap. When the produce market comes to you. Transportation Careful on the corner. You could have fit more in there! So many piggies Sheep anyone? A bridge to.... Animals A giant rhino beetle. Sea Turtles in the mari

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