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A 3-D Printer....On a Boat?!

  Why a 3-D Printer? Many boats don't even cruise with a regular paper printer, and I went and got a 3-D printer!! Why? Well, besides the fact that it gave me a fun challenge, with a huge learning curve, I wanted to be able to print boat parts that would be otherwise difficult, or at times, impossible to get in whatever remote locations that we are. In addition, out last kiddo moved off the boat, so we had some extra space for the first time. About 9 months ago I went to a cruiser workshop in La Cruz, Mexico where an engineer cruiser shared that he had a 3-D printer on board. He explained how it worked, the benefits of having one and that it wasn't for everyone, as there were a lot of steps to learn.  Cedar, sharing how he uses his 3-D printer on board. Watching his 3-D Prusa printer at work. I was hooked! I was familiar with 3-D printing, as we had one in my computer lab when I taught technology classes. The printer was always running while I was teaching, but I didn't giv

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