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Christmas March

 It's been a long time since I gave you all a basic update about what the Noeta crew and family have been up to. So, we'll pretend this post is like the Christmas card you get from your Aunt Judith telling you all about her kids, grandkids and puppies....but in March. So here goes: A unique photo op....four 50 foot Nordhavns all in Banderas Bay! Patrick: Over the past year, in addition to flying out of Mexico each week for work, Pat has done a BUNCH of boat projects. We are finally to the point where we spend more time (and money) on making the boat better, instead of just fixing things that are broken (of course we're doing that too). Some of the projects include:   Replacing all of our solar panels with two 405 watt panels.  Rewired the boat with Victron solar controllers, a Victron cerbo gx, and a new multiplus inverter/charger. That's a lot of things to make sure we have and can track our solar usage. Replaced deck lights. Installed fuel flow monitors on the main e

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