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My Day with Flaca la Perra Mexicana

 In these crazy times of Covid and Politics, I thought I'd share a little story that unfolded last night and throughout today. As I look back at my text string with my kids and husband today to tell them about Flaca, she took on a storybook quality. She had adventures, made friends and even went for a swim! Here's the tale of my new friend Flaca.... First let me say, her name may not be Flaca, but that's what I've begun calling her because she is a scrawny, skinny doggo (flaca=skinny). She's a medium-sized young white dog, with some strange colorings along her head and tail like maybe she was painted with orange stripes....or her street dog mama had unique markings. Meet Flaca, La Perra Mexicana I met Flaca after I finished teaching a couple of English classes in Arroyo Seco last night. This is an area across the highway from La Cruz with homes with dirt floors and sparse electricity and water. As I was walking out of class, I saw her and of course said, "Hola

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