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Driving Home

What is 'home? We drove 'home' to Mexico this week, but we also spent time in our Boise 'home' and our Gig Harbor 'home' over the past two months. When the quarantine hit, we decided to leave Noeta and head to the U.S. after reports that the airlines were cancelling flights and the border was closing. We stayed in a hotel for two months in Boise and feel very fortunate that we were able to do that. Without a galley, I bought an Instant Pot to cook with, but without a pantry and normal fridge, our cooking options were still limited. We mostly got delivery, went on walks, and hung out in our new hotel 'home'. The silver lining was being able to spend time with family.

Pat continued to work throughout lockdown, coming 'home' with stories from around the country of how each state was handling things differently. He got into the habit, upon landing, of asking "what are the rules here?" Initially, he was flying just a handful of people, b…

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