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Mexican Medical Care

Mexican Medical Care Yesterday I had a cheilectomy surgery in a Mexican hospital. Due to arthritis in my big toe, and no soft tissue between my toe bones, I had developed a number of bone spurs on the tops of my toe bones, causing walking and daily activities to be very painful. A cheilectomy involves opening the toe, moving the tendon that attaches the bones and scraping off the spurs. I was in lots of pain yesterday, but today I'm much better moving from the hard drugs down to Advil. Feeling just fine before I went in! I need to stay off of it and keep it elevated for awhile. We feel fortunate to live in a place where the health care is top notch, affordable, and easily accessible.  Doctors often give out personal emails and WhatsApp numbers and reply directly to questions. There is no need to call a nurse who will play middleman. Medical staff is very professional without being pushy. As a family, we have used a variety of health care professionals and always been pleased. How t

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