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Noeta Summer Update

 For the first summer since we've been in Mexico, we are staying in La Cruz instead of heading to Paradise Village in Nuevo Nayarit. We've traded the multiple pools, potable water and weekly pump-out, for a quiet fishing village, weekly pool volleyball, Thursday movie nights and lots of local restaurants.  The anchorage that has 40-50 boats in the high season, has 2-3 sailboats right now. The village's restaurants are on summer schedules, closed some days and with shorter hours. The cruisers that stick around for the summer are a hardy group, dealing with the heat and humidity. And then there are the storms. The evening lightning storms are fantastic to watch and listen to. Sometimes we get caught in the downpours, other times, we just sit back, watch and have another drink. They are pretty amazing. Quiet anchorage this time of year. Ignacio the crocodile, Nacho for short, is also a summer resident this year. Tropical thunder and lightning storms are common in the evenings.

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