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El Supermercado

I LOVE the grocery stores in Mexico (supermercados). It's like a treasure hunt, you never know exactly what you're going to find (or where to find it). Some of things you find, you aren't sure what they are. And unless you're in the rice and beans section, or the peppers and tomato sauce aisles, there usually isn't much of a selection - and that's ok. The fruits are gorgeous, the tortillas fresh and the people are helpful.

One of the best things is, the prices. Today's store run was 1038.77 pesos ($30.28 USD), and here's what I got:

4 Avocado6 LimesCilantroMintRed and white onion4 Potatoes1 Pineapple1 Red Pepper4 Tomatoes2 packages of fresh tortillas1 box of pasta1 loaf of bread2 steaks2 packages of beef for tacos1 package of turkey1 box of cereal1 package of cookies2 bottles of wine (!!)1 6 pack of diet coke

I suppose if you want to add on the $3.00 Uber ride each way, it would come out to $36.00. I figure this shopping trip would have been about $80-$90 …

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