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Attack of the Drone

We're still rookie drone users. Because of that, I'm typing this article with severely bruised fingers. We've flown our Mavic DJIPro maybe a dozen times, usually from land and, if on the boat, always while it was at anchor. Well, this week, while on a cruise of Banderas Bay near Puerto Vallarta, we decided to get some footage of Noeta while cruising. The video is at the bottom of this article.

Flying a drone from a cruising boat adds some unique challenges. 

1) During take off, we had Noeta in a slow forward idle. We didn't have it in neutral due to the small rolling swells. So I set the drone up on the bow and directed it to go straight up - not normally a problem. But with the slow forward motion of the boat, the drone ended up clipping our radio antenna 20 feet up in the air. There was a nerve wracking moment as we watched our very expensive drone wobble and then steady itself. Whew! Didn't lose it to the sea today! Note to self - if moving forward, send the drone…

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