We're on YouTube!

We're on YouTube!

While we've had an MV Noeta YouTube channel since May of 2018, we didn't have any sort of cohesion or continuity among our 48 videos, they were all pretty random. Like Doug and Gilligan going for a morning dock walk in Gig Harbor:

Or the time we hauled our 46 foot Nordhavn out for a bottom painting:

Or the time I almost got run over by a 115 foot Sea Shepherd vessel during a maneuver:

And as I got better at making videos, we even entered the Nordhavn Film Festival, our team took 1st place in our second year!

Since I enjoy the editing and post production of videos, I decided to step up my game a little, and a couple of months ago, with some design help form our middle kiddo, August, who actually went to college for this stuff, I decided on a layout, design, logo, splash page image, intro (the little video at the beginning of each video introducing us) and outro (the ending that is the same on all of the videos. 

After some feedback on our first couple of videos we bought a microphone so the audio would be higher quality and consistent. You'll notice that showing up in Episode 5.  

Some cruisers use YouTube to make money, and bolster Patreon accounts. That isn't our goal. You won't see us all dressed up with hair and make up done :) Footage will be real and honest - the good and the bad. We want to share with our friends and family (and anyone else who is curious) what it's like to have this boating lifestyle, where we're going and how we'll get there. Blogging has been a nice way to share that, and I'll keep doing that, but adding videos will really give you a better idea of what's going on out here.

Check out our first 5 videos:

Episode 3

Is there something you'd like to see? A topic we should cover? Let us know! Always open to ideas. But we'd love it if you'd subscribe to our channel, that way you'll get notified when I post a new one. We had 141 followers before we started adding episodes a couple months ago and now we're up to 186! Maybe we'll get giant and go to 200 :) Click here to see our channel!

Read more at www.mvnoeta.com


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