Gilligan The Fat Boat Cat Gets Published!! (again!)

Those of you who follow us, know that Gilligan is a huge part of our boating life. Well, after a year of writing, drawing, rewriting and redrawing by Hailey and Alexa, we have finally published our book about Gilligan!

Gilligan has lived aboard Nordhavn boats for 3 years...his WHOLE LIFE! What's it like to be a cat on a boat? Check out his new book.

Gilligan The Fat Boat Cat is a paperback picture book and ebook for kids, but a fun read for adults too! It's available on Amazon now! So get a copy for you, your niece, your grandson, your library, your neighbors and for yourself! 

Click Here to get your copy!

Gilligan is also on Instagram #gilliganthefatboatcat and Youtube at Gilligan The Fat Boat Cat. Check out his latest video!

Gilligan's first day on the boat.
Gilligan's first day on a boat!

Gilligan....doing what he does best...lounging.



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