What's next?

For those not familiar with Nuevo Vallarta or La Cruz -
they are both located near each other in the mellow Banderas Bay, north of Puerto Vallarta.
There should not be anything treacherous about crossing from one to the other :)
For those in Washington, boating from Gig Harbor to Tacoma
likely is more challenging than this one.

Well, we made a giant journey of 5.2 miles to the north shore of Banderas Bay. We will now settle in to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, our favorite Mexican fishing village, for the next few months. 

Many of our cruiser friends will be returning from adventures in the Sea of Cortez and others are preparing for trips south or beyond. Sometimes, especially in these days of Covid, we find ourselves complaining that we are 'stuck' and not off cruising the world. At times we catch ourselves complaining about all the time we spend at the dock. We want to be out 'THERE' seeing new places, at anchor and exploring. 

Then we stop ourselves....we are 'out there' already. We need to remind ourselves that we are very fortunate to be where we are, cruising in Mexico with our floating home. We did 'leave it all behind' and have had great adventures here and along our journey. 

So, what's next for us? 

For now, we will stay in Banderas Bay bouncing from port to port. Pat still has a number of years until retirement (he has a countdown app on his phone that will tell you exactly how many days until that milestone) and until then, we need to be near an airport. Puerto Vallarta has delivered the convenience and adventure.

We will continue to watch our friends sail off into the sunset each season. Some will  will keep going and others we will welcome back. We will work to be grateful for where we are and what we have because we are truly already 'living the dream.'

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