As Seen in Mexico

A few weeks ago while driving back to the marina, I looked out the window and saw a full sized horse being transported in the back of an old truck. Not a trailer, not a large converted truck. He was just standing in the back of a regular run down truck.  After I fretted about the horse for a moment, I then giggled and sighed, "Oh, Mexico". 

Over the past two years we've been in Mexico, we've run across a lot of things that you may not see where we come from. Below are photos of things 'as seen in Mexico'. Some of them make you laugh or smile, others make you cringe and some just make you go hmmm...

Oh, Mexico...

I'm sure the wires are all up to code.

Open wires....everywhere.

Time for an upgrade

Using what you've got!

Assembling a crocodile trap.

When the produce market comes to you.


Careful on the corner.

You could have fit more in there!

So many piggies

Sheep anyone?

A bridge to....


A giant rhino beetle.

Sea Turtles in the marina

Found on the boat....we love them!

Watch for wildlife

Iguanas joining the potluck

Drying out

A duck walks into a pharmacy...

Can't get enough of the baby sea turtles.

So many pelicans

Chickens crossing the road

A croc needed relocating to the sanctuary


Churros on the street. A bag of 10 for a dollar.

Watermelons and.....squash?

So many pineapples

And more pineapples

Table side guac with roasted tomatoes - yes please!

Ribs - So good!

Michelada - they are made different everywhere

Grasshoppers with your tequila

Cold coconuts

Al pastor tacos


Sand sculpture art

Murals and an artistic bull

Local artisans making Huichol art.

Local mural - La Cruz de Huanacaxtle

Statue of Yaqui in northern Mexico - 'Dance of the Deer'


Street performer (wearing his mask!)

Street Performer


Reusing materials


The Scenery

We have been here long enough that all of these things are now normal in our day to day lives. We need to remind ourselves to appreciate the unique and extraordinary that surrounds us in lovely Mexico.

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  1. Yes yes yes to all of this. I love this about Mexico. There is always something interesting to look at and watch for. I love the "Oh Mexico" phrase....said it many times myself. I buy my pineapple and watermelon off the back of a pickup truck on the regular. It just feels like that's the way it's supposed to be now!

    1. Exactly! I love the produce and bakery trucks :)

  2. Thanks- I was just thinking about you and thinking you hadn't posted in awhile. Take care.

    1. Hi Ann! I know, Covid slowed my writing down. I'm ready to get back at it! Good to hear from you!


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