Cliché warning...It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Later

One of the greatest things about this lifestyle is meeting people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. People come and go. Some come back again and others are gone for good. You have a few meals, enjoy some docktails, tell some sea tales, and make connections. Then you say "fair winds" as you each cruise away knowing you may or may not cross paths again. We have met and enjoyed being with hundreds (thousands?) of cruisers at this point.

But every once in awhile, some people come along that are 'your people'. You just click. Everything about them works. For us, this was the family of catamaran Ruby Vi. It started with a simple invitation....

On a Facebook group called Kids4Sail, once a month we have a Roll Call to see where in the world all the cruiser families are. In April 2021 I noticed a post from Molly that said they were in La Cruz for a short while with their two teen boys. I jumped at the chance to say hi, since finding teenage boys is a challenge in the cruiser world. Little did I know, that connection would lead us to 'our people'. 

"For some quick haul out work"😂....
cruiser plans are written in the sand at low tide.

They, Molly, John, Wyatt (17) and Hudson (15), stopped by for docktails that evening and Pat and I both immediately realized that we 'clicked' with these people. Not only did they have teen boys on board, but they were our age, had been live aboard cruising about the same time as us and in many of the same places, had been educators, and spoke excellent sarcasm. We even realized we had lived in the same areas at one point, and that Molly and I had maybe coached AAU basketball against each other! Even fundamental concepts like our views on religion, politics and Covid were aligned. We had finally found 'our people'.

One of numerous nights out with Molly and John.

Over the next 7 1/2 months, we chose not to house-sit an amazing waterfront home so that we could be in the same marina together. We played bocce, had potlucks, searched for baby turtles, shared tools, solved boat issues, and ate a lot of tacos.

We got our bocce set out for the first time since we started cruising thanks to John!

John introduced us to the Scorzie -
a drink koozie that doubles as a score keeper for bocce (or golf, or cornhole or pingpong...whatever!)

~When they rescued a baby whistling duck (and a grackle, and a baby raccoon and a parakeet), we got to be along for the ride and learning. 
This is Rose, a whistling duck that Ruby Vi rescued at just a couple of days old.

We all love Rose and her whistling, outgoing personality.

Rose lived with Ruby Vi for a few months while she grew stronger, learned to fly and became a part of their family.

Once she grew older, she needed a permanent home.
Our friends Cat and Mike took in Rose where we are able to visit her and watch her grow up.

~When hurricane Nora hit and I was without power, they didn't hesitate to run over to Noeta in the driving rain and wind to help me out.

~When they had to put their sweet family dog, Bear, to sleep, I was honored to be there for logistics, family recovery and to place loving Bear's photo on our Día de los Muertos altar.

Oh Bear 💕

Nap time for Rosie and Bear

~When I wanted to compete in a triathlon, they jumped (not entirely enthusiastically) and agreed to join me.

The before picture

~When we'd go out to dinner, the boys would find their own space, speak the same teen-boy language and disappear as soon as they were finished.

~When their boat had engine trouble, we got to be their dinghy bow thruster.

~When our older boys both got acceptance letters into college in the same week, we celebrated with a night out.

Boat school seniors in high school! Accepted into college!!

~When it was the fourth of July, they made us jello shots.

But, it's time for the Ruby Vi crew to have a new adventure. They are selling their boat and leaving As I write this post teary-eyed, I know that we will see each other again, but I also know this is the end of a unique time in our cruising life with our kids. Our sarcastic, witty group text strings will continue, but the easy taco-get-togethers with this wonderful family have come to an end.

We wish Molly, John, Wyatt and Hudson the very best as they discover new places and meet new people (none as excellent as Noeta crew, I'm sure). We look forward to visiting them wherever in the world they end up. We will follow their boys' future with enthusiasm. And we will miss them very, very much. 

This, it turns out, is one of the hardest parts of cruising. Fair Winds Pennell family.

Our waiter getting creative with his photography.

They became friends with our family from SV LeeAnn

Ruby Vi's last visit with Rose.

John, sporting his Noeta birthday present...
looks like it will come in handy soon.

Ruby Vi's final day in Mexico

And they're off!


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