The Blue Peter

"Are you putting your Blue Peter up tomorrow?"
"Our what?"
"Your Blue Peter, a big Papa flag, you know."
"Nope, we don't know, what is it?"  
This was our conversation with our boat neighbor, Jim, last week.
Jim (who I'm pretty sure knows everything about boats) explained that a blue flag with a white square in the center, designating the letter P in the International Code of Signals, flown by a vessel in port indicates 24 hours to departure. It would tell crew and travelers to come aboard. 

"Unless Amazon can deliver by tomorrow morning, we won't be able to fly one for this departure."
"I can fix that," said Jim. He went to his own boat, found his own Blue Peter and gave it to us.
The Blue Peter on the starboard halyard.

The Blue Peter

The next morning, we raised ours for our last 24 hours at port. It called friends new and old to come say goodbye.
The Dahlgren's stopped by - excited to watch them as they set out on a similar journey!

Mikayla came into town to see us off (and buy one of our cars!)
Very last Harbor cruise. We're going to miss those.

Jim - the giver of the Blue Peter - and other wise information

Thanks Jim! You win Best Boat Neighbor Ever status :) 


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