Finding humor in the 'oops' moments...

I'm going to share a couple of stories from this week that hopefully will make you laugh (mostly at me).

Text from me to my son Jack.
Once you're done laughing at me, read on to see how I ended up in this mess....

A couple of days ago I decided to check out the Captain's Lounge. Many marinas have these gathering places where you can use the wifi, meet others, watch TV, or just lounge. I always check them out for their bookshelves. Boaters don't want extra 'stuff' on their boats, so we often read a book, leave it for someone else, then take a book. Some of these books have likely been around the planet a few times. Anyway....I went to take my first look at the book selection (huge). I chose a few, left a few and was ready to return to the boat. I couldn't get out. I used a key card to get in and the door had locked behind me. No one else was around. There was a 'push to exit' button. Yeah, that didn't do anything. It appeared the power was out in the room, lights wouldn't turn on, fan wasn't running. Probably affected the button too. I laughed at myself as I texted Jack who was on the boat and who had a 2nd key card (thank goodness). Then Jack laughed at me as he let me out. He said I wasn't going to live this one down. If I want to go get more books, I will need to take someone with me to post outside!

Costa Baja, La Paz Captain's lounge
Jack in the act of letting me out - this is after he laughed at me

The next day I went to a large grocery store, Soriana. One of the items I needed was a pound of ground beef. Well, I knew I needed to order it in kilograms, so I did a quick conversion. I asked the butcher, in my best Spanish, for 2 kilos of ground beef. He began gathering and wrapping up what looked like a HUGE amount of beef. It was then that I realized I had converted in the wrong direction - I should have requested less than half a kilogram. At this point, I was too embarrassed to ask him to take back over 4 pounds of ground beef, so I took it like I was making burgers for 20. Kids, learn the metric system!!

Lots of frozen ground beef in my freezer
There will be many more oops events - they are all learning moments and the best way to deal with them is laugh. When life gives you too much ground beef...invite someone over for tacos!

On a side note - I'm cleaning out a cupboard, anyone need any of this?

Probably don't need this anymore.


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