Nordhavn President Visits Noeta

This week, Dan Streech, Nordhavn's owner/president, was in Puerto Vallarta for a wedding. Pat, of course, extended an invitation to him to come visit the boat, realizing he'd probably be too busy to take the long trek to La Cruz. 

Then Pat went to work.....

Dan e-mailed and said he'd love to come for a visit and said he'd be in the area a few hours later. Pat was flying and got the email 25 minutes before Dan's planned arrival time. Pat forwarded the message to me. I panicked. I had 10 teenagers on the boat eating, lounging, playing and just being teenagers. "We'll leave", they offered. No, I decided, Dan can see what it's really like to be on Noeta in La Cruz. Besides, 25 minutes of cleaning wouldn't have helped much. (The kids did also offer to help clean, because they're awesome).

It turned out to be a great visit. He saw a side of being a live aboard that he hadn't witnessed before. I wrote a short article about his visit that they published on the Nordhavn website.

Check out the article HERE.
Dan Streech & Alexa

Dan and 9 of the teens onboard
Serious game of Mario Cart happening


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