Noeta Crew's New-and-Improved Quarantine Plan

Well, just like with everyone else on the planet, there is no stability or 'normal' right now. We thought we had a great plan to hunker down on our boat in Nuevo Vallarta. We had stocked the boat full of food and were quietly isolating in Paradise. 


News began circulating that the airlines may or may not continue international service as Alaska grounded 70% of its fleet. We don't know exactly when or if this is going to happen, but flights are already starting to cancel. And if Alaska does pull out of Mexico completely it means Pat would not be able to fly back and forth between Puerto Vallarta and his base in Los Angeles, and he could very well get stuck in the states. While, if true, it may only last a few weeks, it also may be for months. 

Our two options were to be separated indefinitely, or for the whole family to move north of the border now, while we can still get across. The move would be just until flights resume to normal (at least a new normal). We decided, as a family, to stay together. 


We're madly cleaning and securing Noeta, which will be in the hands of a capable caretaker. The caretaker will check lines, fenders, the bilge, and other systems, but also clean the bottom, replace the zincs and occasionally wash her down. She'll be fine, she's a boat, but it is still very emotional leaving your only home for an unknown amount of time. Thank goodness we moved her into her hurricane hole last week. She will be safe.

Then we are packing the car with everything we would need for a few months, and are going to drive to the states. The 4 of us (plus Gilligan the Fat Boat Cat) will drive north to Mazatlan, then Guaymas, then up to Phoenix. While driving in Mexico, we will stay on the toll roads, only drive at daylight and avoid any spots that are known to be unsafe - so no need to worry about us :). We are also caravanning with a Canadian couple and their 2 dogs as they make the same trip north. And Mikayla is tracking our location, so we're being looked after! 

After that, we may turn left to LA and San Francisco to rest for a few days, and drop Pat off at work, and then north to Idaho to quarantine for a couple of weeks in The Grove Hotel. After that, who knows? We don't have a house, we don't have anywhere we need to be, and we will all likely still be in lock down. If you know anyone who needs a house/pet sitter in the Northwest, let us know!

Road Trip Necessities

Along the way, we will travel with Lysol, sanitizer, bleach spray, gloves, masks and soap and keep our distance from others. Driving, staying in hotels and getting to-go food to eat in our car is not ideal for quarantine, but it's what we need to do right now. 

While this wasn't the plan, we are really trying to see the silver linings:

  • We will be together
  • We can pack all of Hailey's things for college (instruments, art stuff, record player, cold weather clothes etc) and drive it north so she's ready for the fall.
  • On our drive back (whenever that is), we can bring boat parts that we couldn't otherwise get.
  • I have a LOT of food to donate to local Mexican friends who need it.
  • If we do need medical care, we have our US insurance that we couldn't have used in Mexico
  • It is going to be an adventure!
  • We are all healthy
  • Once lockdowns lift, we look forward to seeing friends and family in Idaho and Washington!
We hope you are adjusting to your new-normal, washing your hands and finding the silver lining in your situation.


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