Noeta's Quarantine Plan

Today we moved Noeta to her summer hurricane hole 2 months earlier than usual. We made the decision to leave the fishing town we love, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, for the very different life at the Paradise Village resort in Nuevo Vallarta, a whopping 5.8 nautical miles away. 

Leaving La Cruz amid a Pandemic

We did this for a couple of reasons:

1) Potential Port Closures - Many ports all over the world are closing to cruisers, leaving them stranded and looking for provisions and places to go. While Mexico hasn't closed any ports yet, it is possible that they do. Once a port is closed boats cannot enter the port and often boaters can't leave. While we very much wouldn't mind being stuck in La Cruz (I would consider myself fortunate to be a guest there for an extended season), we need to be thinking about hurricane season. La Cruz is ok for protection, but Paradise Village is further in and has excellent wind and swell protection. We figured, if we wouldn't be allowed to move the boat around, we'd rather be tucked in for bad weather. Thus Paradise Village.

2) Pat's job - Currently, Alaska is still flying planes, which means Pat still has to go to work. It doesn't mean we like it, but it's what he has to do. Until flights stop coming to Mexico or airlines are grounded, he will continue to commute to Los Angeles from Puerto Vallarta. Our fear is that, at some point, he may not be able to get back to Mexico and he may have an extended stay in the states. If that's the case, our boat is already in location for storm season, since I am not yet able to dock this beast of a boat (but it's something I want to start working on!)

3) New Quarantine Life - With new restaurant, fiesta and gathering restrictions, life is pretty quiet on a boat - much like it is for everyone in a house. So we weren't able to enjoy many of the perks of being in a small town anyway. In Paradise village, it is still isolated and quiet, but now we have DSL wifi, potable water and a pumpout at our slip (these are all BIG issues when living life at a dock). We can also enjoy the beach and pools (at a safe distance) until those are closed down.

But we have a car now, so once restrictions lift and life starts to return to its (new) normal, we will still be able to visit our friends and favorite restaurants back in La Cruz while still docked in Nuevo Vallarta.

Cruisers everywhere are making the tough decisions to stay or go. To stay in a known location or try to get to where they want to be. To leave their boat and get to their home country or ride this out on their boat. Where to store all the extra provisions so we don't have to go out! Every cruiser is making the decisions based on what is best for them. This is what is best for us right now. We are safe, usually sane, have plenty of provisions and will do our part to not make this pandemic worse. 

We hope you all can say the same! 

Entering Paradise Village today.


  1. Excellent post and decision to move early. We too have decided to stay put in Barra for the duration of this pandemic, and through hurricane season if that’s what it takes. The universe seems to have other plans for us then getting up to the Sea of Cortez this year, so we’re good with that and will hope to visit the Sea next year instead. In the meantime we are grateful to be “stuck in paradise”, palm trees around us and hiking trails everywhere… Super easy to stay away from other people. Stay safe MV Noeta, love and hugs from Barra! ❤️

    1. Of laid we're changing them again. Stay safe and enjoy Barra!


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