Gilligan's Island

Gilligan is a Ragdoll cat. They are mild mannered, friendly with people and other animals, and Raggy. Raggy means that when you pick them up they just hang down. Gilligan is very Raggy. He's also going to be huge. He's just about 9 months old and probably 15 pounds - he's still growing. He has been a great source of entertainment on our boat. 

We started out training him to 'go' on the toilet. He was doing great until he got too big to fit on a tiny boat he's back in a litter box :( Maybe we'll try again some day, it sure would be nice.

Here are are few pics from the past few months.

We were watching the eclipse's shadows through a colender - Gilligan helped

He loves car rides!

He sucks on soft blankets and paws at them. We read that young kittens do this to represent their mother....he's not so young and still does it 😆

We call this 'The Meercat' pose.

Meeting his first crab.

Helping Pat work in the engine room.

First vet visit - he made himself comfortable.

First ride home! 3 months old


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