What’s in a name?

Today’s topic, how we named the boat. When we bought the Nordhavn it was called Ocean and before that, it was Discovery. We made long lists of possible names, with everyone contributing. Options were Traveler (thanks Chris Stapleton), Vagabundo (portuguese), Albatross (until Cindy Faker checked it on Urban Dictionary- um nope!), Potato (Pat’s idea), Wanderer, Happy Place III, Valhalla, and many others. Finally, I mentioned an old friend’s boat name. I remember the first time I toured their sailboat and asked what it meant, assuming it was Latin. They had me spell it NOETA, then it obviously became No ETA and I’ve always loved it. We really want to get to a place in our lives where everything is not dictated by a clock and a busy schedule. So the idea of not having an ETA sounds pretty good to us.

Margeaux, the best boat graphic designer in the region, worked with our ideas and color scheme to make the boat’s logo- even making one for the top of our teak table in the pilot house and 2 for our tender.

Its hailing port is Boise, Idaho. One can put any location on the back of a boat and we decided that since we are all from Boise, that it would be most appropriate. It’s also a good conversation starter “Bumpy ride from Boise?”

After a successful denaming and renaming ceremony that consisted of lots of champagne, we christened her Noeta. Welcome to our home!


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