I Have Friends in Boat Places

There is nothing quite like meeting people at marinas and anchorages. Perhaps it is because we all immediately have something in common - boats. It usually starts with something like:

"What kind of boat is this?"
"What's her length?"
"What kind of engine does she have?"
"Where'd you cruise from?"
"Is that a CAT?"

That is followed up by a nice chat and then often:

"Would you like to come aboard and see the boat?"
"Come over for cocktails later."
"If you need anything, just let me know."

This week, after a brief conversation with a gentleman across the dock, he invited our family to join him and some friends from the Berkeley Yacht Club to go out sailing and to a potluck lunch the next day. While we were on the cruise, we got tons of local sight seeing advice and we shared stories. When we returned, one gentleman even offered to let Pat drive his brand new TESLA!  Pat jumped at the chance (new favorite car). We then joined them for dinner with promises of seeing them again before we leave.(They didn't even push us to join the Yacht Club)

Pat at the helm

Everyone made sure Jack was involved

Berkeley Yacht Club

Also this week, here in Emeryville, one of our neighbors asked if she could interview us for a local paper. We said of course and chatted for an evening. She then brought us pizza twice this week from the restaurant at which she works.

At Pier 39, we helped a boater with his lines. When he returned, he gave us a bouquet of flowers.

In Crescent City, after having just met a fisherman, he offered us his car if we needed it to go to the store. Another fisherman spent the week watching the weather every evening and advising us on the best departure time and route. 

Of course at home in Gig Harbor, we became fast and dear friends with our boat neighbor and knew we could call on him for anything (and we were there for him if needed).

I don't know what to compare this relationship to. Imagine you park your car by someone at the store. Generally you don't strike up a conversation. You likely wouldn't invite them into your home to take a tour. You probably wouldn't ask them to join you for an all day outing with your friends. You definitely wouldn't offer up your car to them.There is just something about boats.

We may or may not ever see these people again, yet we grow strong bonds. We are fortunate to be a part of this community of people who will go out of their way to help and know each other.


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