7 States in 2 Weeks...by Hailey

     In the past few weeks I’ve been to more places than my mind can comprehend (Idaho, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Washington, and California). I went from sitting in my boat bunk room on the West coast watching The Office as I usually do, to looking up at skyscrapers in New York City. 

      So, what did we do? We visited family and friends, got my braces removed, took tours, saw a broadway show and a dozen other things. My mom, my brother and I sat on a train overlooking the surprisingly beautiful coast of Connecticut while I was writing songs on my keyboard. 
Amtrak from Boston to New York City - Connecticut beaches

We toured Salem, MA and cast a spell with a practicing witch, and got to learn about the fascinating history behind the Witch Trials. My family and I got to seatrial the new boat we were looking at where Jack and I picked our own rooms (no more sharing!)! Jack and I got really hungry towards the end of the day and had to drive from Rhode Island to Massachusetts to get some chicken nuggets. 
The only surviving beam from the original witch dungeon.

     Right now I am sitting at my favorite tea shop in Tacoma where I used to go to school in Washington, writing about my past adventures. I look back and feel very fortunate to have seen all that I’ve seen (even the energetic young cousins in Boston). 

My favorite place from this trip has to be New York City, it made me remember how much I love to be in the busy city. In addition to that, the hotel beds were quite a bit more comfortable than my own bed (but I can’t expect much from a boat). 
Brave Girl
Drawing in Times Square at 10 pm

On the plane ride to our first stop in Boise, I let my mom listen to the first song I published on Soundcloud, and her reaction was all that I’d hoped for and more (she had happy tears in her eyes). 

 I admit, this trip has been hard on me because I had to be away from my guitar (if you know me, you know I’m glued to it). I never thought I’d say it’s nice to be back on the boat, but it is. In all this chaos, I can honestly say I rediscovered the adventurous part of me that I had forgotten I had. 

Hailey (Age 16)


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