Here We Go Again....Buying a 50 ft Boat

We left Gig Harbor, WA a few months ago with full intentions of cruising the West coast to Mexico and arriving by mid November. We are still on track to get there in November, but we’ll be cruising down the East coast instead.

Like many boaters, even though we love our Noeta,  we were always talking about the next boat. Our next one would definitely have 3 staterooms, a walk around master bed, stabilizers, a little more speed, and not make us adjust our retirement plans. Well, that boat popped on the market a few weeks ago - in Rhode Island. Last week we did a successful sea trial and haul out of Continuous, a 50’ Nordhavn (N5020). If all goes well, she will be ours in early October.

A walk around Continuous

Interior & Haulout Video

It was sad to put Noeta on the market, afterall, we just spent a year getting her ready to cruise the world. But once we experienced the living space and power of Continuous, there was no doubt that upsizing was a must for us. We have an offer on Noeta and, again if all goes well, she will go to a new family soon. Not to worry, we will be keeping the Noeta name. We will have a renaming ceremony for Continuous once she is ours.

So, what’s next?

The next few weeks will be hectic, but here’s the flexible plan...

First week of October- a shipping container gets delivered to our marina in Alameda and we have a few days to load all of our belongings into it. They then come pick it up and deliver it to our marina in Barrington, Rhode Island. The kids and I will likely hang out with family while are things are in transit (thanks family!)

Mid October- Prepare Continuous for cruising Rhode Island to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

End of October- Cruise her down the East coast- stopping if necessary.

Mid November- Put her on a ship and have her delivered to Mazatlan or La Paz, Mexico 10 days later.

End of November- we’re in Puerto Vallarta as planned!

Update on what ACTUALLY happened....

We upped our timeline for our cruise south due to the cold that was settling into the North East. We left Rhode Island after having owned the boat only a week or so (never a good idea), in mid October. We cruised her down the East coast, but it took a lot longer than expected, having to wait for weather delays and using the ICW where you only cruise during daylight hours. We missed our Mid November shipping date (and our December and most of January ship dates) while we had her worked on and bottom painted at Yacht Tech in Palm Beach, Florida. Finally, Noeta was ready and a ship had a spot for us near the end of January. They hauled her up onto the deck of a giant ship and we met her in La Paz, Mexico in early February. It all worked out in the end, but this is why we have NO ETA, plans never quite go as expected. 


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