Life in a Boat...By Jack (age 14)

Life on a Boat For a Teen

Most people don’t realize the true luxury living in a house. For instance, having more than 46 feet of living space was nice. And having a freezer that actually freezes things like ice cream was a good thing. Another couple of things on a boat is that there is next to no privacy and the wifi is usually non existent.
Boat Schooling at Flying M in Boise

    But I guess I can say it’s not all been bad. Adults are constantly reminding me that I’m lucky to have this life. I guess the good parts are a matter of perspective. For instance, school takes half the time it used to. It’s easier to find things since there aren’t many places to lose them. I know I will get to see all of these cool places and do fun things. But it will take a while to get to where we’re going. So in the meantime, I will have to wait until we get to our destination.

….My mom pointed out, while editing this piece, that the act of traveling down to Mexico is part of the adventure - thanks a lot mom - still no privacy 🙄

By Jack (Age 14)


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