A Noodle of Nordhavns....An Explanation

Noodles, Noggles and Wannanoggles

A few weeks ago Noeta entered a film into the Nordhavn Film Festival. The only guidelines were that it be 10 minutes or less and 75% of the footage could not have been aired elsewhere. That gave film makers a LOT of freedom to be creative.

Here is a brief description of Noeta's film submission. Our film was an educational documentary about collective terms in the cruising world. (See link below for the full video). It starts with footage we've gathered over the past year of the following groups of animals. A few collective terms you may or may not know:

Orca - Pod
Dolphins - Pod
Sea Turtles - Flotilla
Iguanas - Slaughter
Jelly Fish - Smack
Pelicans - Squadron
Manatees - Aggregation
Devil Rays - Fever
Boat Cats - Pounce or Clowder
Brown Footed Boobies - Congress (appropriate)

But what about a group of 3 or more Nordhavns? Well, from now on, it shall be known as a 

Noodles can be anchored or at a dock. Noodles can be made of large and smaller Nordhavns. Noodles are super common since Nordhavns tend to be drawn toward one another. I knew this would be my video topic since we were in Rhode Island, last year. So the entire cruise down the coast and in Mexico, I grabbed footage of every Nordhavn I saw.

Then there are the Nordhavn owners. They often congregate. Sometimes in person, and often on the NOG (Nordhavn Owner's Group), other times on Facebook and Instagram.  Therefore, Nordhavn owners, when together (in person or virtually) are called a:
Noggles help each other out, invite each other on board and often talk about how, 
"If you've seen one Nordhavn....you've seen one Nordhavn." 

Some of these families I filmed when I was with them, others were kind enough to send in clips. But they were all Noggles we met while cruising the US and Mexico. I'd like to thank the crews of MV Cassidy/Ata Marie, MV Red Rover, MV Mermaid Monster and MV Salish Aire for participating!

Finally there are the Noodle and Noggle appreciators and dreamers. We were in this group for years. Perhaps they would like to own a Nordhavn or are just friends with Nordhavn owners. These people may circle a Nordhavn by dinghy or walk up and down the dock hoping to get invited aboard (this was us - we were Nordhavn stalkers). They may frequent Nordhavn Dreamer Facebook or other virtual groups. 
This group is called a

Here is a brief clip from our film festival entry that explains the 3 terms - to see the full entry, scroll to the bottom.
(Chart idea borrowed from Lucid Chart - if you haven't watched these hilarious videos, here is an example of a Lucid Chart - you will be watching them all day now, you're welcome).

This is our complete entry to the 2019 Nordhavn Film Festival. We didn't win, but if we start seeing the terms Noodle, Noggle and Wannanoggle used in the cruising community, we will be happy :) Besides, I'm not sure where we would have put the giant trophy if we won it!

Pictures from the Film Festival
October 12th, 2019

The event was 'Black Tie' - he bought one today!

Oops - where'd the tie go?!

All of the awesome finalist films!
Busted - Pat voted for my film for People's Choice (ok, I did too!)
But a super sweet film about a man and his son won that category!

MV Noeta, MV Freedom, MV Red Rover, MV Epoch and Lugger Bob!

They didn't kick them out for wearing shorts! Plus - we had Lugger Bob with us!

We clean up pretty well for boaters :)

The Jeffries' doing a live interview!

As a finalist, I did get this super sweet jacket. 

Stay tuned, there has been a suggestion for Noodle, Noggle, Wannanoggle merchandise!
Working on it!


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