New to us Boat

We experienced a long drawn out process of selling our house and looking at a 65’ Cape Horn trawler.  The Cape Horn trawlers are amazing boats in their capabilities and the one we were looking at was originally commissioned to cruise to Antarctica.  To say it was overbuilt is an understatement.  The purchase did not workout.  When we did the sea trial virtually all the subsystems were nonfunctional.  The main engine shut down on us in the middle of Lake Washington.  The main engine issue was traced to  a fuel shutoff solenoid.  That could happen to any boat so that was not that big of an issue.  The real issues were the cost associated with rebuilding the boats subsystems.  We were looking at upwards of 200k because boats are like onions.  Peel one layer back to fix something, something else inevitably surfaces.  It turns into a mouse cookie series of projects.

So when that deal feel apart, we were houseless, living on our 36’ Albin Express Trawler.  4 people, a dog and kitten in 36 feet is pretty tight.  But it was the beginning of summer so we could sprawl on the dock.  Classic liveaboard crap everywhere.

We saw Noeta online via the website.  She only had one picture and minimal specs.  She had just been listed.  We rushed up to look and made an offer that afternoon.  The offer was accepted and the purchase process started once again.  Unlike the Cape Horn, everything worked!  We were excited and I have to admit, long terms dream/goal had just been met.  I got a Nordhavn and we were going to live on her.


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