Hailey's First Post

   Today, we packed our car full of stuff, and moved onto a boat. I unpacked my new room with too close together bunkbeds and awkward bookshelves. I expected to be sharing a room with my brother, he was going to sleep on the top bunk but he doesn’t fit and he was afraid he would hit his head on the ceiling too many times. He’s going to be sleeping in the pilot house for now, which means I get the room all to myself! It has been a very eventful few weeks of doing nothing. All of us have been living on a 36 foot Albin Express Troller with 2 pets. I haven't been on this new boat for long but it already feels like a mansion compared to our other boat. 
        We haven’t had wifi in a while and it’s starting to kill jack and I. At this new marina where we got our new boat, there was supposed to be wifi, but there wasn’t. Thankfully we got an unlimited data plan, jack has already used over 100GB, the perks of being a gamer. I haven’t wanted to use wifi for much more than Instagram, Snapchat etc. 
    I look forward to writing and sharing our lives. This is a big adventure ahead of us and most people think we are crazy. I believe them. 
-Hailey Shanafelt, July 14, 2017


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