July 14th, 2017 - Move in Day

"WE'RE GOING TO DO WHAT?" said Jack Shanafelt and many of our friends and family. While it's been a dream of Pat's for over 20 years, it took some convincing for the rest of us. For Alexa it was when Papa Dean, her dad, had passed away, she realized that life is short, you should live it to the fullest. For me, I was envisioning a life in the tropics away from people. Jack is physically aboard the boat but not mentally, he still isn't sure that this is the right path for him.  ~Hailey

     Today, July 14th 2017, is the day we moved onto our 1994 46 foot Nordhavn. Of course we brought along our Golden Retriever Doug and our Ragdoll cat Gilligan. Someday we hope to take this boat out to the bright blue waters of somewhere warm.


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