Alexa's First Post

We did it! After a crazy 6 month journey, we have sold our home, bought a 46 Nordhavn, adopted a kitten and are in the process of making this awesome floating vessel our new home. We are super excited to start this adventure of living with less and experiencing more.
I appreciate so many of you! Thanks to Patrick for sharing this dream you've had for over 20 years with me. Thanks to Hailey and Jack for being willing (mostly) to do this with us. Thank you to Cindy and Susan for keeping me sane and being my laundromat. Thanks Carson Leasure for calling our boat 'Ridiculously Badass' - we think so too. And thank you to Erin Stewart Farquhar for being the best realtor on the planet.
We will bring it to Gig Harbor next week and have an open house for anyone who wants to check it out. Stay tuned!
~Alexa 07/14/17


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